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Very in-depth review. Recommended.

Suggested For Mature Readers

Rereading The Demon, from 1987, by Matt Wagner and Art Nichols. 

So I decided, as a prelude to spending half-a-year at least blogging about Matt Wagner’s Grendel, that I’d write about Matt Wagner’s The Demon. A four-issue 1987 miniseries following the character’s appearance in Moore’s Swamp Thing, written and drawn by Wagner and released concurrently with the Comico Grendel series, it’s a nice little story that’s been a forgotten gem for more than 25 years but is getting a trade paperback release in January. The timing worked, it’s one of the DC proto-Mature Readers comics I’m always interested in, and it’s a nice heads-up for anyone interested in the collection.

demonetrigan-interiorGreat. Except, when I dug out my Demon comics off the shelf and reread them, I found myself perplexingly unimpressed. And my first issue was with issues, the physical objects themselves. I don’t usually mention the condition of the old…

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