Awesome Art Dept.: Mike Grell, Warlord, and Why For Art Thou, Superversity?

Lovin’ that 80s Mike Grell art.


Everyday I find more information about post-Golden Age DC artists like Mike Grell. Grell is a master communicator in the realm of comics. He doesn’t just write the stories, he draws them and produces their covers as well. He is most noted for his creation, Warlord, and for the work he did on legendary DC figures like Batman,  and, more notably, both Green Arrow and Green Lantern. I have, through the power of the internet, become immersed in a world of uber-masculine creations. In their way these spandex-clad monuments to muscular definition are as richly homo-erotic as anything Tom of Finland ever imagined. Mr. Grell may have had no idea how his work affected budding guy youths, but the end product of creations like his Warlord is a generation of adult gay men who have lasting inferiority complexes. Complexes promoted by impossible masculine symbols realized on the paper pages…

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