On Independence Day, spare a thought…

Force of July – created by Mike Barr and Jim Aparo in 1984. Most of them didn’t survive the 80s…

Comic By Comic

…for the Force of July, the worst-named superhero team ever.
Pretty much a throwaway group of really bad character designs when they were introduced in Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 they were, from left to right,

Silent Majority – a Madrox the Multiple Man rip-off who – wait for it – was silent. He’s dead now.

Lady Liberty – dresses as the statue of liberty and fires energy from her torch. She’s also dead.

Major Victory – had the ability to wear that uniform and not feel stupid. A great quote from him regarding the Outsider’s Katana and Looker: “I can understand the Jap turning against us but Looker – she’s an American!” Yep, he’s dead now. And he probably deserved it.

Sparkler – basically a male pre-Jubilee version of Jubilee. Killed – and we can only hope only killed – by Dr Light.

Mayflower – the most interesting…

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