Sgt Rock 339: The Collector by Rick Veitch!

If you’ve never read Sgt Rock in the 80s, you’re missing out.

Mars Will Send No More

Before taking on Swamp Thing and moving on to careers producing their own works, artists Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch drew stories for DC’s Sgt. Rock. This week we’ll look at a few of their back-ups for DC’s once-popular war comic.

Collector’s Guide:
– From Sgt. Rock #339; DC Comics, 1980.

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3 Responses to Sgt Rock 339: The Collector by Rick Veitch!

  1. Alan Smithee says:

    That’s what I’ve heard. Honestly, while I know a ton about ’80’s DC, there are key holes in my knowledge that I wish I could fill. Another one is Swamp Thing itself – never got into it; regret it now (I did read a TPB of the storyline where they reveal that Swamp Thing is a plant with a man’s memories, and not vice versa that was brilliant. That’s when I realized I had really missed the boat on that title. Hope there is something similar for Sgt. Rock)

    • dcinthe80s says:

      Alan Moore totally redefined Swamp Thing in Saga of the Swamp Thing #21 (1984). Moore was still relatively unknown in North America at the time, and since Saga was facing near-cancellation due to poor sales DC decided to take a chance with him. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run lasted until 1987 (Rick Veitch took over after issue #86). While I don’t remember enough of Veitch’s run, I do remember that Moore’s Swamp Thing was some of the best I’ve ever read and are now widely available in reprinted TPB format. Buy, beg, borrow or steal ’em if you have to – you will not regret it. 😉

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