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DC in the 80s – the webzine

We’ve re-branded ourselves as a webzine. You can view it at: We’re also looking for contributing writers, artists (who want to post fan-art) and photographers (who want to post cosplay photos). Hopefully we’ll see you there. Advertisements

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House ad for Green Lantern v2 #123

Green Lantern v2 #123 marks the departure of Green Arrow from the series (it was formerly known as Green Lantern co-starring Green Arrow since issue #90) and Green Lantern being the main feature attraction of the series. Why was Green … Continue reading

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House ad for Wrath of The Spectre

In 1988, based on the renewed popularity the Spectre was receiving thanks to his 1987 ongoing series written by Doug Moench, DC comics decided to reprint the Spectre’s ‘controversial’ stories that ran during 1974-1975 in Adventure Comics. Wrath of the … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to Richard Howell

Originally posted on In My Not So Humble Opinion:
I want to wish a very happy birthday to comic book creator Richard Howell, who was born on November 16th.  Not only is Richard a fantastic artist and a talented writer,…

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Morning Article Link: The True Power Of Shazam!

Originally posted on BW Media Spotlight:
Why is it so hard to understand what makes Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family work? Are we really that cynical? Duy Tano of The Comics Cube examines the history of the Marvels and…

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DC Nation Clip: Metal Men

I’m really lovin’ the way DC Nation is re-introducing Silver Age characters to a new generation.

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House ad for Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2

During his time as an editor at DC comics from 1987 to 1989, Mark Waid was instrumental in many great DC projects (he and Brian Augustyn are credited with creating DC’s Elseworlds spin-off franchise), but his contribution in ensuring that … Continue reading

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